Luxury Travel Trends of 2016 to Make Your Private Getaway Special

With private jet rentals being available right here in Toronto, best luxury charter flights Toronto travels plan are not too farfetched, whether it be for business purpose or a simple vacation. However, when making your plan there should be some objective in your journey that will make it even more memorable, and that it is what travel experts from all around the world are suggesting will be the trends of 2016. With some of the best luxury charter flights available in Toronto,Flyflightpath making a luxury getaway is easier than ever before. To know more about how to make your luxury trip an unforgettable one, check out the article below by Jean Carmela:


Five Luxury Travel Trends We Can See in 2016


1.)The Rise of “Bleisure” Travel

Thanks to technology and businesses being mobile these days, it is now possible to combine Business and Leisure, or “Bleisure” for short. Let’s admit, no matter how hedonistic we think we are, it always feels great to be productive and get the feeling of multi-tasking.

This travel style has been getting more and more popular over the last five years. Frequent travellers want to make more out of a business trip that usually has them staying in a city for 24-48 hours. They also want to explore beyond their hotel and conference rooms.

Some travellers take spouses, partners or families with them on said business trips (paying for their own transportation and added costs), and spend an extra day or two exploring the city.

Because of this rising travel inclination, some companies have established proper policies in line with ‘Bleisures’. For instance, certain organisations allow employees to add on, as a maximum, half the number of additional leave days of the combined official working days. (e.g out of your 4 working days, you can add up to 2 additional extra days of leave).

Cities that are projected to have an influx of business visitors (who may potentially be ‘Bleisure’ travellers), are India, China, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore and Australia.

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2.) Mobile Travel

While digital detoxes seem to be the way of wellness travel, travellers overall require mobile convenience when travelling. This means that travellers need to be able to book, amend or cancel their travel plans while on the go. Booking sites (be it flights, hotels, activities) must be mobile-friendly and most importantly, have the capacity to enable travellers to easily change their booking themselves through handheld devices. The last thing one would want to see when trying to change their booking online are the words, “Please contact our service centre to change your booking.”

Staying connected while travelling is not just limited to keeping in touch with friends/ family on social media, but also having complete control of your travel plans whenever and wherever you are.

Hotels and resorts are also better off ensuring that their location is wi-fi enabled and should inform guests when there are service issues due to location.

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Whether it is for a business purpose or a weekend to cool-off, keep these suggestions in mind to make the most out of your travel experience. With shifting global technology and trends, one has to keep up with the pace of the world to get the best of it.