About Us

There is barely a reader that came to our platform that didn’t carry away a new concept or knowledge to implement in their lives or work activities. This is what we built the tech content website to be for the thousands of readers that keep coming to it on a daily basis.

When we started publishing articles, the reach we had was basically equivalent to a single person’s social media friends, this has since changed and we have a long reach that brings together close to a million readers to the same posts we send out on a daily basis.

Together with the legion of readers loyally following us into the future, we try out the most spoken about technology and reveal to the rest of the world what the companies behind them never quite get to say. The candid reviews that usually resonate with the first-hand experience of the readers, coupled with the creative pieces of content that are original, form the basis for some readers to share them with the rest of the world through social media platforms.

Rigorous evolutionary processes are always ongoing in the company, through them we are always breaking new records and barriers to setting our readers’ ahead of their competition with the most accurate information.