Solarwinds and LogicNow to form a new MSP unit, merger confirmed

Solarwinds and LogicNow, are now working together to create solarWind MSP on what is currently the N-able branch of Solarwinds operations. When successfully implemented and merged, the new force will provide services to a screaming 20-thousand managed service providers around the world, and will bring more support to managing over 5-million end-points and 1-million mailboxes securely.

Increasing the business through addition of abilities that come with the well known and already proved Solarwinds is the aim of this combination, one that has been in the radar for LogicNow for a little over a dozen years now, said  Mr. Alistair Forbes general Manager of LogicNow.

From an external point of view, the two working together will sure move the new company condensed from their history of successes, forward along with the clients they will be more geared to serve. LogicNow has been on a growth ride for the last few years, with a significant growth of over 40-percent in the last year of doing business. This is proof that all reasoning will be beneficial to all stakeholders.

The new business will allow clearer focus on the most pressing of services that companies run to MSPs in search for; remote monitoring of end nodes and their management, security policies enforcement (anti-malware), backup and recovery parts of Edmonton IT firm, vital analytics and constant risk assessments with vulnerability searches in systems, to mention just but a handful.

According to Forbes, the two companies put together will be able to overlap competences and provide a better service to clients that are in either side’s pot. Their increased workforce will help them understand the industries they serve a lot better and place each side’s strengths into producing a few new lines of service, otherwise the rest of the provisions that they offered before the sitting will not vanish.

After being asked which of the names will eat the other, Forbes went on to confirm the continuation of both Solarwinds N-able and LogicNow proliferation as separate entities that clients can relate to into a near future, at which point they will resort to the Solarwinds MSP melted solution to cover both sides. Some of the offices that were used by the companies prior the deal will not be touched, only when location redundancy matters come into play will there be a need to move into a single office building.

Employees working at either side will have nothing much to worry, there is not been announcements of reduction of workforce. The organic route for both companies, although looking lucrative, would not have been as amplified as their combined success will sound and seem. The MSP industry is on the verge of disruptive innovation as soon as the two sides have settled and started dishing out the services they are expected to. Will they command more motion towards MSPs as companies realise their benefits as each day passes? Or will their sheer size overwhelm them to a staggering halt? We shall be observing and reporting as everything unfolds.