Businesses Starting to See the Benefits of Cloud

Cloud technology is not a new concept anymore, rather it has become one of the standard benchmarks of successful business technology. Over the past few years, businesses and managed services provider Toronto have been using cloud technology for increased security, connectivity, cost efficiency and overall cleaner work place.

Traditional data storage and file systems have grown to become expensive, clumsy and inefficient to deal. If you are looking for proven results and so some inspiration for you next IT investment in cloud check out this article:

Enterprise Starting to See Security Benefits of the Cloud

We have covered cloud security quite often in this space, and one of the consistent themes we come across is that businesses are hesitant to move to the cloud because of a perceived lack of security. However, that perception is starting to change, according to a recent survey from Bitglass, which is based on input from more than 2,200 cybersecurity professionals.

For the first time ever, more than half of the enterprise (52 percent) is now confident that cloud apps are equally as secure as premises-based apps. That’s up from 40 percent last year. The report also finds that Microsoft is gaining momentum within the enterprise. 61 percent of organizations surveyed are already running or are planning to run Office 365 deployments, a big jump from 45 percent one year ago.

While we love seeing more businesses migrating to the cloud, it’s important to remember that although the apps are secure, user error can still lead to data breaches. 53 percent of organizations say unauthorized access is the single biggest threat to cloud security, and 44 percent believe hijacking of accounts is a top security threat.

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We can see that there have been commonly many misconceptions and confusion around cloud technology, but that phase is now clearly shifting. Check out this article and find out how there is more to cloud technology than meets the eye:

The Cloud Isn’t Just a Technology Fad

Companies are moving entire networks into the cloud, and it is now becoming a mainstreamed corporate computing model. The cloud makes good technological sense, but it also makes good business sense. Instead of a huge capital expense outpouring every three to five years for hardware upgrades, you pay monthly for your IT service. This means a more predictable budget and more readily available cash flow.

Businesses across the globe today are moving to the cloud in droves.  The benefits for companies that embrace the cloud are well documented; they include decreased costs while increasing efficiency, user accessibility to information from anywhere at any time, not to mention low maintenance as well as increased elasticity and scalability. So why hasn’t every business made the jump to the cloud? Click here to read the full post…

One of the best features of cloud technology is the ability to provide remote management functions, as well as the reduced cost it offers in contrast to hiring in house resources. Check out the article below for a better understand of why you should opt for cloud services:

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Offer IT Service Management (ITSM) from the Cloud

Cloud software solutions permeate all aspects of your customer accounts, from where they store information to how they communicate, purchase supplies and manage their sales efforts. IT Service Management (ITSM) is no exception. Analysts predict that cloud service management will grow at an impressive 27.8% rate over the next five years. So, what is driving this shift to cloud ITSM, and, more importantly, is it time for you to consider heading into the cloud to deliver your ITSM services?

The massive growth of cloud service management is being driven by today’s mid-market CIOs, who continue to place the transition to cloud solutions as their No. 1 priority. These CIOs see the potential to reduce costs, simplify implementation projects and maximize IT productivity by leveraging cloud solutions, and cloud ITSM is no exception. See full post here…

If your business is still stuck using legacy management solutions and data storages, the above articles should help you boost confidence in the ability and benefits of cloud technology. With a better understanding, you will be able to make improved business decisions, leveraging cloud technology for greater competitive advantage.